Facebook will start verifying the identities of accounts that keep going viral

Facebook will now need people behind each of the “most accessible” profiles to verify their identity, the company announced today. Facebook hopes that this will ensure that users see authentic posts from people, instead from users or users who hide their identity. The change follows a similar move two years ago when Facebook demanded viral … Read more

Facebook reportedly ignored its own research showing algorithms divided users

An internal Facebook report presented to executives in 2018 found that the company was well aware that its product, especially its recommendation engine, had eliminated divisions and mergers, according to a new report by The Wall Street Journal. However, despite being warned of the potential impact this community has on Facebook, Facebook’s leadership has ignored … Read more

Facebook renames Calibra digital wallet to Novi

Facebook is renaming Calibra, a digital wallet that it hopes will someday be used to reach Libra, Novi’s financial institutions. In a blog post the company said the new name was inspired by the Latin words “novus” and “with,” meaning “new” and “way,” respectively. Novi Financial is the new name for Facebook’s charity that will … Read more