Samsung rolls out smartwatch blood pressure tracking in South Korea

Samsung has released their Health Monitor app in South Korea, which enables them to track blood pressure thanks to the Galaxy Watch Active 2 smartwatch. Pre-release on schedule; Samsung earlier said the application would be released in the third quarter of this year after obtaining approval from the South Korean Food and Drug Administration in … Read more

Samsung released the new Galaxy S20 model with Verizon Ultimate Wideband 5G network

Samsung released the new Galaxy S20 model with the support of the Verizon Ultimate Wideband millimeter-wave 5G network last week, but it turns out that the device includes some compatibility over the standard model. As seen by Digital Trends, the Global S20 5G UW has 8GB of RAM, less than 4GB less than the standard … Read more

The partnership between OnePlus and McLaren is over

British car manufacturer McLaren has confirmed that its partnership with OnePlus has reached a “strategic end” in what could mean the end of OnePlus’ McLaren branding. “Since the launch of the partnership in 2018, OnePlus has been supportive and supportive,” McLaren said in a statement issued to the Android Authority, adding, “We wish them well … Read more