Windows Safe Mode : How To Use it & When To Use it?

If you’re an old Windows user, you’ve probably heard of the term Windows Safe Mode. But what does Safe Mode really mean, why Safe Mode is needed, and when will you activate Windows Safe Mode? Most Windows users are unaware of these issues. Normally, we don’t need these extra features of Windows as an average desktop user. However, … Read more

Run ADB Commands in Web Browser [Tutorial]

Those who are familiar with Android’s ADB and Fastboot commands and have experience with custom ROM installations must know what Android’s ADB and Fastboot commands are and why.  Those who already have an idea about this know that the most troublesome task of giving ADB and Fastboot commands to Android with the help of a desktop … Read more

Automation TOOL For LinkedIn.

What is linkedin BOT? Advertising on LinkedIn (the correct way) is something that even experts advertisers battle from. This is the reason they like to avoid this stage and spotlight on other web-based media locales. As far as you might be concerned, that is a major pool of top notch deals and income, standing by to … Read more

Best External Drives for High Capacity Storage

Today, more than ever, people from all backgrounds are downloading, streaming and searching for high quality media that is now pulling in the energy required to keep servers active. That just tells you a huge amount of data on fingerprints for almost all of us. But sometimes we can think harder and simplify the process … Read more

Samsung rolls out smartwatch blood pressure tracking in South Korea

Samsung has released their Health Monitor app in South Korea, which enables them to track blood pressure thanks to the Galaxy Watch Active 2 smartwatch. Pre-release on schedule; Samsung earlier said the application would be released in the third quarter of this year after obtaining approval from the South Korean Food and Drug Administration in … Read more

Computex 2020 is officially canceled

After postponing it from early June to September, promoters have released Computex 2020 due to the ongoing impact of the coronavirus epidemic. The show will miss the year, as do many other professional conferences scheduled for the year 2020. The next Computex event is set for June 1st through 5th, 2021. The epidemic and the … Read more

Samsung released the new Galaxy S20 model with Verizon Ultimate Wideband 5G network

Samsung released the new Galaxy S20 model with the support of the Verizon Ultimate Wideband millimeter-wave 5G network last week, but it turns out that the device includes some compatibility over the standard model. As seen by Digital Trends, the Global S20 5G UW has 8GB of RAM, less than 4GB less than the standard … Read more